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Eco-friendly Swim!

Posted on February 15 2024

As lovers of sun-soaked shores and fashion-forward choices, let's redefine our beach days with a commitment to the environment. At Sandpipers, we're doing our best to ride the sustainable wave by promoting swim brands with a planet-friendly approach to swimwear. Beyond making a style statement, our eco-friendly swimwear collections echo a deeper resonance with Mother Earth.
In a world where every purchase can make a difference, we're always on the lookout for innovative brands that are doing their part, ensuring your swimwear isn't just on-trend but also environmentally conscious and our commitment doesn't end there. Our shipping materials are plastic-free, embracing re-usable, recyclable, or paper-based packaging. No more plastic waste!
Join us in making every dip in the ocean, every sunbathing session, a conscious act for a brighter, more sustainable tomorrow. Dive into the latest trends with a clear conscience and embrace swimwear that loves both you and the planet!


Vitamin A

There is no denying that Vitamin A pieces are popular choices for both Sandpipers customers and staff. Every season they prove that they are on the cutting edge of chic when it comes to swimwear design, but they are also among the fiercest of eco warriors in the garment industry today! Vitamin A epitomizes a commitment to sustainability that transcends the realm of swimwear. With a mission to reduce environmental impact and amplify awareness, the brand consistently evolves its practices. In 2020, they joined forces with a "green team" to scrutinize their materials and supply chain, yielding insightful statistics now accessible for each product. Founder Amahlia Stevens, inspired by outerwear brand Patagonia's environmental initiatives, pioneered EcoLux™—the inaugural premium swim fabric crafted from recycled nylon fibers. This innovation promoted the shift toward additional sustainable fabrics like organic cotton, linen, recycled cotton, and Tencel®, all certified by the Oeko-Tex standard. Vitamin A's production principles extend to their factories, where local manufacturing fosters close relationships, ethical practices, and a reduced carbon footprint. Embracing California's stringent environmental laws, the brand ensures top-tier standards, even collaborating globally with fair trade artisans when necessary. The commitment extends to their production processes, embracing digital printing to minimize water use and fabric waste. With domestic manufacturing in the USA, Vitamin A prioritizes sustainability in every facet, from energy-efficient LEDs to biodegradable packaging, showcasing an unwavering dedication to both style and environmental responsibility. Their community engagement further underscores their ethos, with donations to ocean protection organizations and advocacy efforts amplifying their impact beyond the fashion realm. Vitamin A isn't JUST creating swimwear for the discerning, fashion-forward bikini lover; they're weaving a narrative of conscious fashion with the planet at its core.



We are huge fans of this brand, not just for their fabulous swimwear, but for their one-size approach in the creation of their garments. This is especially popular with our customers as it takes the sizing guesswork out of online ordering! In 2018, Bond-Eye embarked on a transformative sustainability journey, weaving their values into the very fabric of their swimwear to reflect a deep commitment to the ocean and the stunning Australian landscape. Their mission involves continuous progress, applying innovative environmental practices to their high-tech performance materials while embracing a limited edition, handmade approach in Sydney, Australia. The brand proudly collaborates with female-led communities in its factory, dye-house, and fabric mill. By offering unsized swim collections, Bond-Eye not only reduces excess fabric and reuses off-cuts but also contributes to environmental conservation. The brand's commitment extends to using regenerated nylon derived from pre-consumer raw materials, with 80% of their range shaped from this sustainable yarn. Their recycled materials extend to packaging, with tags, labels, and trims made from recycled materials, and garment bags produced from compostable plant-based materials. Collaborating with UPPAREL, Bond-Eye prevents textile waste, diverting significant amounts from landfills and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Additionally, the brand has partnered with i=Change, donating over $22,500 to charities addressing environmental issues, women's well-being, and child welfare through a portion of their sales. Bond-Eye's sustainability efforts encompass every link in their production chain, making conscious strides to minimize their environmental impact and contribute to positive social causes.



Maaji, a Colombian swimwear brand, distinguishes itself with creations marked by ocean-inspired colors, playful combinations, and unexpected details.  Our customers and staff are especially obsessed with their reversible pieces!  Rooted in conscious manufacturing, the label proudly declares its products as "Made in Colombia with Maajic," emphasizing a perfect fit, prints, and versatility. Maaji's sustainability mission aims to create awareness through inclusive, transparent, and ethically produced practices, embracing diversity and minimizing their environmental footprint. As a certified B Corp, Maaji focuses on uniting communities, knowledge, and opportunities, promoting a positive impact by sharing "Maajic." The brand's commitment extends to using local suppliers for 90% of their fabrics, incorporating recycled polyester and nylon, as well as sustainably sourced viscose. Their 4-way and reversible styles reduce individual item production, resulting in lower CO2 emissions, water, and energy consumption. Maaji's dedication to sustainability is evident in their digital printing processes, which reduce water consumption by 86%, emissions by 72%, and save 60% of energy. The brand also operates a secondhand store, reinvesting 100% of profits in sustainability efforts. Recently obtaining B Corp Certification, Maaji stands out as one of the first Swimwear & Beachwear manufacturers in Latin America to prioritize purpose and profit, aligning with a global movement of businesses using their influence for positive change.



Seafolly, the highly esteemed Australian swimwear brand established on Sydney's shores in 1975, weaves a narrative of global connection through swimwear that harmonizes fit with style for women worldwide. This brand is unwaveringly popular with Sandpipers customers season after season for it’s classic, flattering, ageless, and high quality swimwear. Acknowledging their environmental impact, Seafolly is actively engaged in transformative measures to diminish their footprint and elevate social conditions in the supply chain. The brand champions a responsible spirit grounded in knowledge and innovation, ceaselessly exploring superior practices for an evolving, brighter future. A progressive shift towards more responsible fibers and an amplified use of recycled materials defines their commitment, exemplified in their latest collection, crafted from 60% regenerated fibers. Long-standing partnerships with suppliers underscore ethical practices, marked by Sedex platform audits and adherence to a robust code of conduct. Seafolly fervently advocates for a workplace that is safe, inclusive, and fair. Materials from Oeko-tex Standard 100 certified suppliers assure the harmlessness of fabrics and trims to human health. The brand's dedication extends beyond swimwear, reducing dependence on virgin materials by transitioning packaging and branding to recycled counterparts — recycled paper and plastics grace swing tags, brand labels, care labels, polybags, and hangers. At the heart of their sustainable commitment lies the Seafolly Collective, the Core Collection, proudly composed of 80% recycled nylon, encapsulating Seafolly's unwavering dedication to sustainable excellence.


Sea Level

Since 2018, Sea Level Swim, an Australian brand synonymous with sustainable swimwear, has consistently led the charge in design, presenting an array of meticulously crafted, high-precision contoured swimsuits that blend style with classic silhouettes. Rooted in a forward-thinking mindset, Sea Level Swim's collections emerge from regenerated nylon, a testament to their commitment to sustainability and the creation of a collection of opulent, enduring pieces built to endure the Australian elements. Their dedication to positive change transcends innovative materials, encompassing responsible production processes and a thoughtful approach to supply chain management. Aiming for a remarkable 90% of their 2022 collections to feature recycled base cloths, Sea Level Swim stands out for employing cutting-edge fabric technology, employing regenerated nylon filament yarn. Collaborating exclusively with manufacturers certified by the Global Recycle Standard, the brand ensures ethical practices and the traceability of recycled content. In tandem with their responsible packaging practices, featuring FSC®-approved swing tags and label cards, Sea Level Swim is making strides toward eco-conscious product delivery through the adoption of recycled poly-bags. This holistic commitment to sustainability characterizes Sea Level Swim's ongoing journey, marked by conscious initiatives and ambitious goals.

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