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How to: Ease yourself into a two piece!

Posted on May 30 2023

 We have so many customers who ask if they are too old to wear a bikini, (the answer to this is a very long and loud NOOO! btw, in case you were wondering). We have a regular client who has shopped with us for years and is now in her 70’s and still pops by before every vacay to snag a new string bikini with the teeniest bottoms possible and we adore her! Maybe you are someone who has only ever felt comfortable in a one piece because it provides more coverage on the body. As someone who prefers more body coverage I (I being “Me”, the person writing this post!) was once of this mindset until I started working at Sandpipers and came to the realization that every body is a bikini body, even mine, I got to experience first hand the joys of wearing a two piece! This is not to say I'll be retiring my favourite one pieces, but for warm weather vacays, I now find that most of the time I spend my beach days in a bikini!

A few perks of wearing a two piece bikini are:

  1. They are easier to get into.
  2. They are easier to take off, especially when wet! (Hello struggle-free bathroom breaks!)
  3. You can mix and match your tops and bottoms for endless swimwear combinations which will also free up extra space in your luggage.
For those of you that want the convenience of a 2 piece but don’t like the idea of a tankini here are some of our recommendations:


Long Line Bikini Tops

A long line bikini top will generally provide more coverage underneath the bust line and conceal a portion of the ribcage.  When worn with a high waisted bottom you'll be left with a minimal amount of skin showing.  Bonus: the wider under bust banding can also help provide extra support for heavier busts.  Crop top styles also provide more coverage and can double as streetwear as well as swim.



High Waisted Bikini Bottoms

A bikini bottom with a higher waist line offers more coverage and is great for concealing the tummy area.  Many styles also feature shirring, ruching, or other fun details that flatter the figure.  We have a wide selection of high waisted bottoms with different features and cuts like higher leg lines (great for elongating the legs on us shorter gals!), boyleg cuts for more coverage of the upper thighs, and a range of cheeky to fuller rear coverage cuts depending how cheeky you're feeling that day.  Styles with "roll top" or "fold down" features are also great as you can adjust the coverage level to your liking.  You can shop our full collection of high waisted bottoms here!



Perfect Pairings

Check out some of our favourite pairings below for a little swim outfit inspo!