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New Year Resolutions 2024!

Posted on January 09 2024

The tradition of setting New Year's resolutions remains a testament to the human spirit's perpetual desire for self-improvement and the optimism that comes with the dawn of a new year. Do you invest in the same new year resolutions every year and then inevitably break them by the third week in January? Us too! Common resolutions revolve around health and fitness, career ambitions, personal relationships, or the pursuit of new skills. Being invested in your own personal growth as a human is always a good thing, but we also believe self care should be a factor in any change we make. So, in the spirit of being kinder to ourselves we are resolving to start with the little things and try to have a little more fun in 2024. Here are some of the things we are hoping to fill our upcoming years with!



Exercise To Feel Good, Not Just Look Good

High on the resolution list for many is sticking to a fitness plan. For us, engaging in exercise goes beyond the pursuit of weight loss; it's a powerful means of enhancing overall well-being. Regular exercise releases endorphins, the body's natural mood lifters, fostering a sense of accomplishment and reducing anxiety. The emphasis on feeling good encourages us to choose activities we genuinely enjoy. We love Yoga, Pilates, hiking, and (we know this is an obvious one for us but,) swimming! We are also big believers in “when you look good you feel good”, so we love adding a new swimsuit and goggles to our list to start the year off right whether we are trying to improve our speed and distance by lane swimming or joining an Aquafitness class for a feeling of well being and camaraderie. If you are looking for an especially vigorous challenge, grab a cute rashguard and try surfing, wakeboarding, or paddle boarding.




Plan A Trip

According to an article on  “Women who vacation at least twice a year have a lower heart attack risk than those who do so rarely. And researchers have found that even thinking about an upcoming trip can boost happiness for weeks.” - Whether it’s with your partner, family, or a friend, having travel plans to look forward to keeps you in good spirits. Maybe it’s your fave beach front resort or a place you’ve always wanted to see and never had the chance. This is the year! Pare down your travel wardrobe with these classically chic pieces that will transition through from your travels and into your future wardrobe pieces with ease.




Make Your Dollar Stretch

Pinching pennies is never fun, (especially when it comes to clothes!) but embracing a mindful and frugal approach to fashion doesn't necessarily mean compromising on style! If times are getting tight as they are for so many of us right now, we still have some fab pieces for you that won’t break the bank. We love the versatility of reversible swimwear like the ones by Colombian brand Maaji as it’s literally like getting two new swimsuits while only having to pay for one. We also highly recommend the resort wear pieces from brand Koy Resort for their quality, price point, and classic wearability.




Invest in Timeless, High Quality Pieces

In the spirit of making your dollar stretch this year: Rather than spending money on the trends, try investing in some simple classic items that you will wear time and again. Look for versatile staples that can be effortlessly mixed and matched, creating a range of stylish ensembles. Build a travel capsule wardrobe with pieces that transcend trends and remain relevant across seasons and years like a linen beach shirt and pants or a cover up or dress in a classic cut and colour that goes from beach to cocktails. Invest in a flattering and durable one piece or bikini in a neutral or black.  When prioritizing quality over fleeting fashion, we not only create a wardrobe that exudes sophistication and enduring style we also help cultivate a culture of eco sustainability. By investing in pieces that last for years you are helping keep one more piece of clothing out of a landfill. There is no downside to this resolution!




Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone and Try Something New

You might normally only buy black swimwear (I know I do, I must own at least 8 black swimsuits!) and this year I'm resolving to brighten up my beach and resort wardrobe with new colours and (gasp!) even patterns! Maybe you want to try something a little more risque or show a little skin. Maybe you’re someone who never thought you could/should wear a bikini (I’m here to tell you that you can and you should btw!). Perhaps you want to try a beach dress or cover-up in an all over lace or crochet (the not-so-covered-up cover up!) Whether it's experimenting with vibrant colors, daring silhouettes, or eclectic accessories, ultimately, taking fashion risks is a celebration of self-expression and a reminder that fashion is not just about conforming to trends but about embracing the freedom to showcase one's personality through clothing. Happy New Year!



Happy New Year!!!