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Our Top 10 Favourite Self Care Products

Posted on October 16 2020

Featuring Salt & Stone and Happy Spritz!

With the current state of the world, we are all spending more time at home. Staying upbeat during stressful times can be challenging and sometimes it’s the littlest things that can bring a bit of sunshine to our drearier days. We’ve found that investing in a few self care rituals helps to lift our spirits. So, keep calm and read on while we share with you some of our new favourite self care, aromatherapy, and natural body products from Salt & Stone and Happy Spritz!


Salt & Stone: This brand checks all the boxes in our search for natural body care products! Green and clean ingredients with nothing to hide! The brand creates unisex skin and body care products with a focus on natural, organic, and cruelty-free ingredients. We are especially enthralled with their chemical free sunscreens and aluminum free deodorants. Their products are produced in sustainable and ethical ways and without the use of artificial fragrances, sulfates, petrochemicals, parabens, phthalates or GMO's.  Here's a few of our faves!


Lavender & Sage Natural Deodorant

There has never been a better time than now to switch to natural, aluminum-free deodorants.  This one in a calming lavender and sage scent is a great place for newbies to start!  This all natural deodorant features the moisturizing properties of Hyaluronic Acid and Shea Butter to smooth and protect the skin.  The addition of Vitamin E to protect cells from free radicals, emollient rich Sunflower Seed Oil, and the antibacterial/anti-inflammatory  properties of Jojoba Oil neutralize odor and soothe delicate, sensitive, underarm skin.


Antioxidant Facial Oil

Begin and end your day with this Antioxidant Face Oil. This lightweight, easy-absorbing facial oil is formulated to purify, detox, hydrate, and enrich skin with fatty acids and Vitamin E. This deeply nourishing and replenishing formula is jam packed with good-for-you ingredients like Sweet Almond Oil, Macadamia Seed Oil, Evening Primrose Oil, Rosehip Seed Oil, and Passion Fruit Oil. Massage it into the skin after cleansing and toning and bask in it’s glorious hydration!


Eucalyptus & Bergamot Natural Deodorant

A natural deodorant formulated for all skin types. Formulated with Arrowroot Powder to absorb and neutralize odor, Hyaluronic acid to condition and moisturize and Shea Butter to soothe and protect. This refreshing and uplifting Eucalyptus and Bergamot deodorant glides on clear and leaves no residue. Win win!


SPF 30 Lipbalm

Protecting our skin from the sun’s harmful rays on a day to day basis is always a good idea and that includes the delicate skin on our lips! Salt & Stone’s SPF 30 Lipbalm is formulated with Non-Nano Zinc Oxide that applies easily and leaves no visible white residue. This all natural lip balm is great for year round protection! It hydrates and treats the lips with nourishing Sweet Almond Oil, moisturizing Shea Butter, and anti-inflamatory Bisabolol (a component of Chamomile Essential Oil) which soothes and calms sensitive lips.


Vetiver & Sandalwood Natural Deodorant

The sweet, woodsy, earthy, and mood enhancing scents of Vetiver & Sandalwood are the stars of this natural deodorant from Salt & Stone. Packed with the moisturizing, conditioning, and soothing properties of Hyaluronic Acid and Shea Butter and the odor absorbing and neutralizing benefits of Arrowroot Powder, this deodorant goes on clear and is suitable for all skin types!


Happy Spritz: Purveyors of natural aromatherapy sprays, Happy Spritz is owned and operated by a husband and wife team from Vancouver, BC.  Their products consist of superior 100% plant-based therapeutic grade essential oils and contain NO alcohol, parabens, chemicals, artificial colours, or synthetic preservatives.  They are also vegan, kosher, cruelty-free, AND a portion of Happy Spritz proceeds goes towards helping animal rescue organizations.  A product that’s good for the mind, body, and soul.  We’re smitten!

So, what are essential oils and what is Aromatherapy?  

According to Happy Spritz, “Essential oils are the natural aromatic compounds and volatile liquids extracted from the leaves, flowers, roots, bark, seeds and other parts of plants. They then go through a distillation process (we use steam distilled oils) that results in the purest plant part.” 

According to naturopaths, herbalists, and industry experts there are a few things to look for when shopping for the purest of products.  Essential oils should always be sold and kept in amber or dark glass bottles (clear glass and plastic are a no-no!) and be sure that the label reads the actual words “essential oil”, if it doesn’t, you probably aren’t getting the real thing.

The Canadian Federation of Aromatherapists (CFA) defines Aromatherapy (Essential Oil Therapy) as, “the art and science of using naturally extracted aromatic essences from plants to balance, harmonize, and promote the health of body, mind, and spirit. It seeks to unify physiological, psychological, and spiritual processes to enhance an individual’s innate healing process.” 

If trying out essential oil aromatherapy for the first time (or even if you’re a die-hard devotee!), the Happy Spritz Mini Sprays or Towelettes are a great way to test which oils or combinations of oils are most beneficial for you.  We list our faves below!


Mini Good Morning Beautiful 30 mL

Good Morning Beautiful speaks for itself!  Formulated with 100% pure essential oils including lemon, and sweet orange.  This energizing, uplifting blend is an instant pick-me-up in a bottle.  Spritz a few sprays first thing in the morning or whenever you need a little rejuvenating during the day!


Good Morning Beautiful Towelettes - 7 Day Bag

All the essential oil goodness of the Good Morning Beautiful Spritz in convenient, individually wrapped towelettes!  Made using 100% biodegradable and sustainable plant fibers, these refreshing beauties are great for on-the-go!


Mini Breathe Deeply 30 mL

Mini Breathe Deeply is a stimulating and invigorating blend of organic peppermint and eucalyptus essential oils.  This refreshing spritz is great for keeping you alert and helping to de-stress.  Eucalyptus oil has also long been known to offer relief from seasonal colds and allergies.  Hot Tip!: Keep this baby in the fridge for an extra cold spritz after an intense workout!


Mini Good Karma 30 mL

Mini Good Karma is a real treat for the senses and the skin!  This balancing rosewater blend, infused with aloe and rose is fantastic for toning and moisturizing  the skin and keeps it feeling hydrated and supple.  The best part is the refreshing hint of peppermint essential oil which makes it a fab addition to your post shower routine!


Mini Sweet Dreams Darling 30 mL

If you're looking for something to help encourage restful sleep, Mini Sweet Dreams Darling is for you!  This calming blend of lavender and chamomile essential oils is just the ticket to calm frazzled nerves or when you just need a little R & R time.  Hot Tip: Spritz over face and body after a relaxing bath or use it as a pillow and linen spray and you’ll be in dreamland in no time.  Sweet Dreams Darling!