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More than a shoe, it’s creative expression! Melissa is a Brazilian shoe brand that dates back to 1979. Produced by the Grendene Bartelle brothers, they began as plastic footwear parts before evolving into a 100% plastic shoe. Taking inspiration from the shoes worn by fishermen on the French Riviera, the “Aranha” model was conceived and thus the now iconic piece of pop culture history we know as “The Jelly Shoe” was born!

The brand has revolutionized the footwear industry and are easily recognizable from their modern designs, rich colours and signature bubblegum scent! The shoes are comfortable, fashionable, express individuality and are eco-friendly. Over the years, Melissa has collaborated with some of the biggest names in fashion, art, and even architecture including Zaha Hadid, Vivienne Westwood, Jean Paul Gautier, Rider, Hello Kitty, and Viktor & Rolf. While the brand embodies fashion, art, and design, it is equally committed to sustainability. Melissa plastic shoes are 100% recyclable thanks to patented MELFLEX™, a proprietary form of PVC that brings flexibility, comfort, and durability to  every pair of Melissas. They will not degrade in weather or water and are completely suitable for vegans and animal rights supporters.